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Wednesday, December 10, 2014


It was my birthday - July 2014 and my friends Annette and Anayah surprised me and took me out for lunch. They are both "big" on angels and have a show on the internet called Angel Heart Radio. I hadn't experienced angels much except I'm sure I have a parking angel (lol). I asked my friends how I could research the subject and how would I know whether there are angels or not??? Their answer was "just ask.... just ask the angels to show you something that would leave you just knowing...."  So that night when I went to bed, I said a prayer "angels can you show me something clearly?"

 I awoke the next day and noticed just behind my eyes a lilac rose - not something I identified with,nevertheless it was clearly a lilac/ mauve rose and I said it out aloud as I woke myself up. That day, when I was checking my face book page , I noticed a story posted by a friend from Colorado. She shared a story about a mauve/ lilac rose.
Her story told about when she stopped at traffic lights and a total stranger (female) got out of her car, walked over and gave Melanie a mauve rose. Me – mauve rose - twice in one day!!
And as the Universe would do, that same night I was browsing my saved movies on Tevo. I came across one called “Bed of Roses”. It was a romantic comedy about a lady who loved Mauve/ lilac roses. The florist (potential beau) had a room full of lilac roses delivered to her.

To me – 3 things in one day was enough validation of a synchronicity in action. I didn’t try to interpret it at the time except to let my friend, Mel know the story. My mood would have been elevated although controllable at the time.
The next two months were pretty traumatic in my life – both emotionally and mentally. I came upon some realisations that were pretty powerful. I remember years ago doing a workshop with a clairvoyant who asked the participants to identify issues which we related specifically to our same-sex parent.... and that this would be something that carried right through our lives. The biggest issue that jumped out at me was / is  JUDGEMENT.

 I have also come to know that these issues are often coming FROM us as well as TO us. I was seeing my SHADOW issues (see Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Robert O’hotto, Caroline Myss, Allan Hunter, Wayne Dyer ) coming at me thick and fast through the people closest to me. Shadow archetypes of the NARCICIST, the MORALIST, the PREACHER, the JUDGE, THE BULLY the PASSIVE AGGRESSOR, - Oh yes ALL of them in ME but being mirrored back at me. So really – I have no right to be angry about this. The person mirroring ME is doing me the biggest favour. I came to realise this big lesson.... and a big thanks to Di for that early morning chat about pains in the neck. It helped me more than you know.

At the time, I took a stand. I commanded RESPECT, as that was what I felt I needed. SO – it was a double-edged sword. It was those SHADOWS that I possess being mirrored at me but ME needing to respect myself and ask to be respected.... so a BIGGIE!!
So – a big eruption happened in my life. It was something I now feel was meant to be and was sure a learning curve in no uncertain terms.
“JUDGEMENT” is a BIGGIE. We all do it. WHY? WHY? WHY?  Walk a Mile in my shoes.....

And - how profound that this song was from an album (I think) called "Joe South's Greatest Hits" - when I left my job at the Commonwealth Bank in 1973, it was the gift I chose upon leaving. Powerful song !!!!

Mid September I was talking with my friend Helen, who grows roses, dabbles very much in colours and their meanings. She sent me the meaning of that lilac/ mauve rose:

"For calmness of mind and spirit and promotes a better connection to who you really are – an unlimited being, co-creating with whatever God means to you. For change with dignity. Promotes SELF-RESPECT and SELF-LOVE."

4th April 2017

There is a bit more to this story. Last year I had to go out to the shopping centre as I desperately needed a haircut.  I had been living quite reclusively. I made an appointment and reluctantly headed off. Nothing went smoothly. I was trying to hurry but everywhere I went there were cues and people getting in before me. When I eventually made it to the hairdressers I was about 20 mins late (I'm thinking the Universe had a reason) and I probably got a different lady than I might have. Anyway - she was curious about me being on a disability. She was very chatty and very curious. I explained the bipolar and spoke a bit about my history and different ways I have tackled the issue. She said "have you tried crystals? Have you tried ANGELS?" (lol) 

I told her I had a meditation cd of Doreen Virtue and I told her my lilac rose story. THEN SHE SAID TO ME - " I USED TO HAVE A SALON. IT WAS CALLED HEALED BY ANGELS AND EVERYTHING WAS LILAC" 

Just another little part of the lilac story - around the time it first came to be, my son and daughter in law were producing a video for Casey's latest song at the time called "Waiting on the Day" and I was very conscious of the appearance of the colour lilac/ mauve in this clip. Somehow we are all one! Somehow we are all tuned in. XX

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