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Friday, July 18, 2014

Gospel Changes

A few years ago when I was very high, my ego was "running the show" and I couldn't slow down. I had been running my computer ragged and (like the guy in the movie"Pi" who couldn't switch his mind off) I was restless - up and down / on a mission driven by that ego - that ego that will eventually bring you down when you allow yourself to be driven in a manic state. It is often the case that I have lost out and ended up hospitalised. EGO is such a hard one to master.

As usual John Denver was the central focus and I was playing songs on you tube. The song "Gospel Changes" was playing and the computer started to slow down....... until it ground to a hault and the screen froze on a picture of a holy book @ .42 secs, and the words " Take it easy. God's in Control" were staring at me. No accidents.........

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