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Monday, February 10, 2014


Close your eyes and imagine you’re standing on the edge of a vast desert. For miles, there is nothing but sand and above you, a clear blue sky. You feel strong. You sense you are on a mission.

Almost confirming that feeling, a vessel appears out of no-where. It emanates the words “trust me”. It’s earthy and solid but is steered by a red sail. You step aboard, confident, knowing you are safe and that the journey you will undertake is meant to be for you.

 The “all knowing” wind blows you smoothly across the expanse. Your head held high and a smile on your face. You have waited all your life for this moment. Shut your eyes and surrender to the wind and for a couple of minutes (2- 3 mins) quietly lose yourself in that feeling of anticipation.

After a while you arrive at an amazing oasis, a contrast to where you came from. Beautiful trees and vegetation, birds of all kinds, lots of colour around. The centrepiece is a mass of sparkling blue water which is calling to you. Waiting right there is a diving board, all white with sparkling glitter inviting you to dance aboard.

The water is calling to you and you dive in confidently. Of course you find you can breathe freely. You swim down and down until you come across a portal leading to a place beyond the water. You swim through……………...... Come to rest in this space. Stand and experience the scene (4-5 mins).

In the distance you see someone calling you. They have your prize. You know it’s yours. You know that when you trust, surrender and detach, the prize is waiting for you. As you get closer it becomes clearer and clearer to all of your senses. Familiarise yourself with that special thing which is uniquely yours and uniquely you. Hold it close to you and share the love with that person who bears the gift. You know it was meant to be. Your sense of gratitude is overwhelming.

Sit peacefully on the nearby bench seat and open your heart to the unconditional love that you are feeling.

 Experience the light surrounding you yet feel your feet firmly on the ground. Breathe deeply and relax. Smile and know that you are unique and special yet one with the world.

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