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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I Can See Clearly Now

20th February, 2014 - I have my copy already. I don't think it is officially released yet, but I sure am devouring this book. This book is speaking to me and I can't put it down - This is a good honest man who tells his story straight from the heart and I'm liking it.

Thanks Dr Wayne Dyer - " I Can See Clearly Now"

You decided not to write any more books. You were just going to relax and enjoy your life. You certainly had given us much of your amazing honest revelations as your life has evolved in the public eye warts and all. I love that!!! But the Universe had other ideas!
You spent a summer writing 144,000 words by hand about your life story and how the pieces have come together in the chequerboard of your life. This is my little card saying the same thing. The book just had to be written.
You say that you had no control (ha ha). I've tried to find the reference to how you came up with the title. I believe you were in the bath and this song just came to you that you hadn't heard before. I love the song and title of your new book. When Jimmy Cliff's version became popular in 1993 I purchased the cassingle and it played on rote in my car's tape player. Recently it resurfaced - around the time I discovered your new book.

It's true for me that my life has played out in a similar way ( see some of my previous blogs). Sometimes what plays out as a negative experience is necessary in order to progress along the highway of my life. That includes (most definitely) my last manic episode. When I step back from it all, let go of ego (YES THAT IS necessary Robert Ohotto), then something much bigger than I moves those checkers around.

You have been a great teacher for me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. One day I am going to shake your hand and maybe give you a hug.



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